Junction Counseling

Seattle, WA

Martha L. Davis, LICSW


Junction Counseling is conveniently located in West Seattle.    I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, the license given only to the most experienced clinical social workers in the state of Washington.   As a trained social worker I work with individuals and family’s within the context of their family, environment, cultural contexts, social networks and other relevant parts of their lives.   Because people do not generally live in isolation, I believe it is important to look at the entire person from a holistic perspective.  I also have an undergraduate degree in Child Development and utilize that training working with children within the appropriate developmental context.

I have been in private practice full time since 1996 and prior to that was both a therapist and eventually the program director for a residential treatment program for adolescent boys.   I have over 27 years of working with children and families of diverse cultures.  I am known for working with very challenging children and families as well as my ability to form therapeutic relationships with clients quickly.

Specific expertise I have include working with sexually abused and otherwise traumatized children and children and adolescents with sexual behavior problems.  I am contracted with both the county and Washington State to provide those services as well.  I also specialize in working with children with behavior problems in the home, school and/or community.   I have significant experience working with children who have been placed out of the home and family reunification.



junction (n) -

a place where two things meet, the act of joining.

synonyms - connection, intersection   


3717 California Ave. SW

Suite 102 D

Seattle, WA   98116

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